Performance 1 700X360

Unrivaled Performance

Hands down, the best single wheel sports touring trailers ever! Mad Max Motorcycle Trailers ride like no other. Speed, cornering, flow – our trailers feel like a natural extension of the bike .


Trailers in Action

Click YouTube icon for video. Large cargo carrying capacity, lockable and quick release for easy removal – a Mad Max trailer is the ultimate luggage solution motorcycle riders who need to carry gear.

Quality 1 700x360

Uncompromising Quality

Australian engineered and built – high quality materials and construction to ensure durability in meeting the demands of rugged conditions and high performance riders.

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Designed to look great and perform like no other trailer, Mad Max Trailers are engineered for strength, rigidity, low centre of gravity and ride quality. They are simply the best. Cornering with precision, these trailers sit comfortably in the slipstream, follow the bike’ angle through the corners, and hug the bike’s every move. Load tested, and road tested to the most demanding standards, our trailers are made in Australia and built to last.
Cargo capacity for bike riders who don’t want to compromise on ride quality. Why spend a fortune on panniers, top boxes and tank bags when you still find there is not enough room to carry your gear? Extra luggage all over the bike, and all that weight up, high detracts from the ride and looks messy. Mad Max Motorcycle Trailers look great, have a 250 litre and 60kg cargo capacity, and tow so smooth that it feels like it’s part of the bike.  
Quality is built into every element of our trailers. Five years in the making, we have designed, tested and redesigned improvements in the chassis, suspension and running gear. Using only high quality materials and precision engineering,  our sole focus here at Mad Max has been to produce a quality trailer, that looks fantastic and is available at an affordable price. Take a look at our first model – we have achieved that goal!

Why Mad Max Trailers

  • Australian designed, engineered and built – we don’t compromise on quality
  • Designed for function and form – looks good behind good looking bikes
  • Quick release system for convenience – unclip and roll into any hotel room
  • Jaw-dropping performance – you won’t believe you’re towing a trailer
  • Unbeatable value – you won’t find a better value trailer anywhere

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What Riders Say

I have towed trailers behind bikes in the past, but nothing in the past can ever compete with my new, single-wheeled, MAD MAX Motorcycle Trailer. For the first time I can honestly state that I can’t feel the trailer behind me.

I left Brisbane in pouring rain and covered only 500 kilometres on the first day, but the next day completed 900 kilometres in all conditions, roadworks and gravel detours, feeling totally safe and in control. These single wheel trailers track exactly straight, lean with the bike, and allow safe riding on all surfaces. The best test however was when a suicidal kangaroo jumped out and I was able to crash brake, barrier evade and continue riding.

The MAD MAX Motorcycle Trailer enables secure and safe touring with luxuries, a good size tent, and most importantly an esky full of cold beer!

Mark Smith - BMW K1200GT (2005 Model), Scottville - North Queensland, Australia
Unreal! Gotta say – these guys have built a single wheel trailer that looks good and rides like a dream. I was apprehensive about pulling my gear in a trailer as I expected it would drag through corners. Boy was I wrong. Smooth and sharp through the tightest switchbacks this thing is performance plus!
Peter, Sunshine Coast
I would like to support Mad Max Motorcycle Trailers. Build quality – excellent. Storage capacity – plenty. One the road – fantastic. ! I’ve been waiting for someone to create a single wheel trailer for sports touring bikes that doesn’t compromise ride quality. You guys have done it really well. All the best with the launch and into the future!
David, Brisbane, QLD