I’d like to sincerely apologise to one and all, for the incredibly-long delay since my last posting any UPDATES.

I’m currently in the process of updating my complete mailing list, so that I can finally release some positive news to you all.   Most likely that Update will soon be despatched to all of you on that mailing list, via the MailChimp service.

The one positive aspect of this entire process dragging on for so long, is that in the meantime, a few of our first trailers sold have been in use … and to date, have been towed for more than 40 000km.  That considerable road-testing, has enabled us to collect good long term feedback from the owners, which we in turn have used to further improve the trailers.   The lessons we have learned, will benefit all those who use our trailers, from this point on.

With Kind Regards,

Mad Max Motorcycle Trailers

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