(Relevant to Motorcycle Towbars, Hitches, and other components)

In Australia, Motorcycle Towbars must meet the requirements of ADR 62/01 and ADR 62/02, Appendix B “Performance Requirements for Towbars with a towbar maximum rated capacity of up to 3.5 tonnes.
The towbar, towing brackets, towbar attachment points and the motorcycles’ structure to which they are afixed, must comply with Australian Standard AS4177.1-1994 :  ‘Caravan and Light Trailer towing components’.  Note: This standard carries a requirement for both a static test and a dynamic test, the procedures and official requirements of which are comprehensively explained within that standard.   A copy of the standard can be purchased from Standards Australia.
Please note that this standard and the ADRs are minimum standards and we urge riders not to adopt a minimalist approach when it comes to utilising a towbar for use with towing a single-wheeled or conventional motorcycle trailer, in Australia or elsewhere.   Your safety and that of other road users is paramount, and for that reason we urge you to use the very best and strongest towbars you can.

We will be ensuring that any towbar we recommend, which is currently available from other manufacturers (here in Australia or internationally), is indeed, dramatically-superior in strength and performance to the stated minimum requirements of the relevant ADR and Australian Standard AS4177.1-1994.